Our Courses for Autumn 2018

Looking for something to do? Wanting to make a change in your life? How about doing a course with us.

Course registration via phone, email or drop is essential. Minimum numbers apply so early is encouraged to avoid disappointment

If you are a WINZ client you can now apply to access the Course Participation Allowance to cover your course fees. Pick up a form from the Women's Centre.


I Like Me: Building Healthy Self-Esteem and Confidence

This course aims to improve your self-confidence, build healthy self-esteem and help you gain a stronger sense of self-worth and self-acceptance.

We will explore what self-esteem is, how low self-esteem develops and how it is maintained.

In the course you will:

  • Learn to become aware of what you are thinking and feeling and learn how to change negative thought patterns and self-talk
  • Gain an understanding of how the brain works and how to create new brain pathways
  • Learn strategies and practices to help you live your life with more confidence and self-belief

Discover your full potential and develop confidence in your ability to fulfil goals of employment, life and interpersonal relationships. The course will involve some group work and discussion, experiential learning and individual exercises.

Dates: 10 May - 31 May (4 sessions)
Day: Thursday    
Time: 10 am – 12 pm
Facilitator: Ali Watersong
Cost: $45 waged, $30 low/unwaged
Enrol by: 3 May


Living Life with Freedom and Vitality: a Psychodrama Group

Psychodrama is an enlivening experiential action method where you can gain new perspectives and insights by setting out small scenes from your life using things and other people. This course aims to build your capacity to live a rich and fulfilling life and develop your ability to respond effectively to old situations or new challenges.

This course will give you the opportunity to:

  • Understand yourself better by learning what motivates your behaviour
  • Discover new ways to act in the here-and-now
  • Overcome the obstacles and challenges to living your life with freedom and authenticity
  • Build on your strengths and learn how to support yourself emotionally
  • Have more confidence and feel better about yourself
  • Get on better with others
  • Express your feelings in a constructive way in a safe environment
  • Develop the roles required to fulfil goals of employment, study, interpersonal relationships and personal wellbeing

We will develop a supportive group atmosphere where women can learn from each other. The sessions will involve warm-up activities, group work, dramatic action and experiential learning. No acting experience is required.

Dates: 10 May - 14 June (6 sessions)
Day: Thursday    
Time: 2.30pm – 5.00pm
Facilitator: Ali Watersong
Cost: $60 waged, $40 low/unwaged
Enrol by: 3 May

Anger is a Useful Emotion

This course aims to offer you an insight into underlying emotions which can express themselves as anger.

  • "What makes me angry?"

You will get an awareness of how unmet needs can lead to frustration, anger, rage and violence.

  • "What happens when I get angry?"
  • "What are my unexpressed emotions?"

It aims to explore how emotions can be expressed safely and what management strategies are useful to transform negative energy to find inner strength, a strong voice and peace within.

  • "How can anger be useful?"

This course will involve some group work and discussion, along with movement, breathing exercises and other expressive activities.

Dates: 11 - 25 June (3 sessions)
Day: Monday         
Time: 10.30 am -- 12.30 pm
Facilitator: Nilgun Kulpe
Cost: $45 waged, $30 low/unwaged
Enrol by: 5 June


Effective Communication: Empathic Listening & Conflict Resolution Skills

Good communication is the foundation of all healthy relationships. Often we can forget the listening part of the communication dance. Through this course you will be introduced to skills and techniques for improving communication in all your relationships.

Topics to be covered include:

  • What does effective communication look and feel like
  • Identifying feelings - your own and others
  • Constructing reflective communication
  • What gets in the way of effective comomunication
  • Boundaries - who's issue is it
  • Conflict resolution

Dates: 15 May - 12 June (5 sessions)
Day: Tuesday       
Time: 10.30 am -- 12.30 pm
Facilitator: Toni Lubbers
Cost: $50 waged, $35 low/unwaged
Enrol by: 8 May