Our Courses for Summer 2017

We are very excited to launch our new course programme for Term 1, 2017. We have a fantastic space for running groups in our new premises and we will be putting it to good use. Our team of experienced group facilitators have been working together to produce a range of group courses. The first of our new courses are being offered in Term 1 at the special rate of entry through gold coin donation. 

Course registration via phone, email or drop in by Thursday 23rd February is essential.


Towanda! Dealing with Anxiety and Developing Self-Confidence
A group for women interested in developing their sense of self-confidence, along with strategies to manage low level anxiety.

The group sessions are designed to help women develop skills that promote well-being and personal growth. This is achieved through therapeutic educational exercises that focus on understanding the role anxiety might be playing in your life, developing self-awareness and self-esteem, problem solving, coping skills and relaxation strategies.
Day: Thursday (5 sessions)
Date: 2nd March – 6th April
Time: 1.00 pm – 2.30 pm
Maximum number: 8 participants
Cost: Gold Coin Donation

Looking after YOU! Learning Mindfulness and Practicing Relaxation
This is a group for women interested in developing mindfulness and relaxation skills to manage life stressors and general anxiety.
Day: Tuesday (5 sessions)
Date:  14th March – 11th April
Time: 10.00 am – 12.00 pm
Maximum number: 8 participants
Cost: Gold Coin Donation

Parenting Children with Worries
Children develop “worries” for a range or reasons and these worries can have a significant impact on that child as well as other members of the family. This group is for women interested in developing their understanding childhood anxiety, along with strategies that can help them to parent a child who is struggling with “the worries”.

This is achieved through a focus on:

  •    Helping you to understand the effects of anxiety on children and parents
  •    Support you to learn how anxiety affects family dynamics
  •    Skills needed to parent children who are being impacted by anxiety
  •    Simple but effective techniques, tips and ideas to help reduce anxiety in families

Stream 1
Day: Thursday (5 sessions)
Date: 2nd March – 30th March
Time: 7.00 pm – 8.30 pm
Maximum number: 8 participants
Cost: Gold Coin Donation

Stream 2
Day: Friday (5 sessions)
Date: 3rd March –31st March
Time: 10.00 am – 11.30 am
Maximum number: 8 participants
Cost: Gold Coin Donation

Proposed New Courses for Girls in 2017!

Taming the Worries – For girls aged 10 – 12 who need to understand anxiety and the impacts it is having on their life. This group is very practically focused and is designed to assist participants to develop strategies for dealing with anxiety that will be relevant to their life and circumstances.

Volcanoes and Icebergs: Understanding anger...and dealing with it – For girls aged 12 – 14 who are struggling to express or manage anger in healthy ways. This group would be useful for girls having trouble with pent up anger and who struggle to express it, as much as it would be for those who express anger through outbursts of intense emotions.

Social Skills and Self Esteem – For girls aged 10 – 12 who are interested in developing their communication skills and self-confidence. Educational material is provided and a range of activities are used to develop and consolidate skills.

School Holiday Groups (during April)

  • Craft-er-noon Tea
  • Taming the Worries
  • Introduction to Babysitting

Expect more details in late February. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Website or contact us at the Women’s Centre.