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Become a member today and take advantage of the benefits of the Women's Centre membership.  Benefits include:

A $5 discount on each Women's Centre course you enrol in.
Access to the Women's Centre Library. Books can be taken out for up to 3 weeks.
Supporting a not-for-profit organisation that is working with and for women's well being.

How much does it cost to become a Member?
Annual membership is $20 waged or $15 low/unwaged (the year starts at the date of payment).

How do I become a Member?
Come in and see us to fill out a membership form and pay,
Pay online into account number 38-9006-0580625-00, account name Women's Centre Inc. Also send an e-mail to admin@womenscentre.co.nz identifying your name, address, city postal code, phone numbers,  amount of payment, and date and reason for payment, so we can connect the payment to the right person. We will confirm the membership once payment is received in the Women’s Centre account.

Make a Donation
As an organisation with charity status, we are mainly funded through grants and donations.Your gift will help us to continue the work we are doing for the Women of Christchurch. Click here for information on how to make a donation .

Facilitate a Course
We endeavour to provide a variety of courses/seminars/workshops that encourage women to continue learning, develop new skills, and promote self-care in a woman-only environment. If you have the required experience and are interested in facilitating a course at the Women's Centre, then please contact us to discuss this option. If you have time, enthusiasm and skills to offer, you can gain a useful and enriching experience in return.