Our Free Counselling Service

Getting a Counselling Appointment: Monday to Friday 9.15 am - 2.30pm
There is no criteria for accessing this service.  Contact us to let us know you want to start the counselling process. As this service is popular, we do have a waiting list. Your details will be added to this list, and we will contact you with further detailed information on how this service works. Once an appointment becomes available we will be in touch. If you accept the time, you will meet the same counsellor each week (same day and time) for up to ten sessions.

Our Counsellors

BA Fine Arts (University of New England), MGestTherapy (Gestalt Therapy Brisbane), Member of GANZ
Michelle is interested in working with a range of people from diverse backgrounds. She believes that within every woman lies the essential wisdom for growth and change. As a Gestalt therapist she believes it is through shared experience and insight, and by deepening self awareness, that each of us can be who we truly are and live our lives more fully.

Diploma of Professional Counselling (NZIPC ), Provisional Member NZAC
Mata is enthusiastic about working alongside women of all cultures and diverse backgrounds. Her aim is to create a non-judgemental, warm and empathetic space where women can become more self-aware, be able to create changes and develop personal growth.

Masters of Art Therapy (Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, Auckland)
Arts therapy engages with various forms of creative expression, such as storytelling, poetry, free writing, painting, visualisation, drawing, movement and dance. These are the channels through which the person addresses both conscious and subconscious aspects of self.  Each session is structured according to the client’s specific needs, interests and their sense of timing and being in the world. Arijana trusts that each person has their own voice and resources within to effect the change that they desire.

Bachelor of Counselling (third year, Laidlaw College)
Jaz enjoys working with people from all walks of life and backgrounds. She aims to provide a therapeutic space that is client-focused, empathetic, and non-judgemental. Jaz has been trained in Person-Centred and Narrative Therapy. Her aim through counselling is to assist others to live life in a way that is aligned with their values and to achieve a sense of mental wellness and resilience.

Bachelor of Counselling (third year, Laidlaw College)
Alice feels honoured to be able to share in the exploration and transformation of her clients journeys. She believes that growth and healing stem from an environment of compassion and care and aims to provide women with a space that feels safe and nurturing. Engaging with the wisdom that the body holds, and integrating one's emotions, mind and body is an important part of her approach. Alice is trained in Person-Centred and Narrative Therapies. 

Master of Counselling (first year, University of Canterbury)
My desire to counsel comes from a simple place of "wanting to be there" when an individual has nowhere else to go. I aim to create a safe space and be but a small anchor for just a fleeting moment in this journey that we all walk. I am particularly passionate about working with women as I believe that they have within themselves profound strength that sometimes requires a little nudge to be tapped into...and I aim to be this 'nudge'. While training in the Solution-focused modality I am keen and open to embracing other modalities into my box of life tools.

Bachelor of Counselling (second year, Vision College), Student Associate with NZCCA, Cert. TESOL
Irene is committed to working alongside with individuals from all backgrounds and cultures in the person-centred approach. She believes in a safe and nurturing environment to support client with issues around grief, loss, depression, anxiety, trauma, and spirituality.

Master of Counselling (first year, University of Canterbury), Diploma of Professional Counselling (NZIPC)
Karen is training in the Solution Focused modality, an approach which highlights a client’s natural strengths, skills and resources to work towards finding solutions to life’s challenges.  Karen’s gentle counselling style is one of care and respect, and her aim is to provide a space where women feel safe, heard and confident to move forward.