Our Free Counselling Service

Getting a Counselling Appointment: Monday to Friday 9.15 am - 2.30pm
There are no criteria for accessing our counselling service.  All you need to do is come in or ring us to let us know you want to start the counselling process. As this service is so popular we, unfortunately, have a waiting list. Your details will be added to the waiting list, and we will give or send you a letter with further detailed information on how this service works. Once an appropriate appointment time becomes available we will contact you. If you accept the appointment time, you will meet with the same counsellor every week at the same day and time. 

Our Counsellors

Registered Psychotherapist, Member of PBANZ, GANZ and NZAC
Rebecca has a real passion for working with people from all walks of life.  She feels excited and privileged to be a part of someone else's journey of increasing self-discovery and awareness, and believes it is through awareness that change happens. Rebecca has been counselling at the Women's Centre for 4 years.

Bachelor of Counselling (Laidlaw College), Bachelor of Social Work (Massey University), Provisional Member NZCCA
Caroline has a range of experience working with people from different cultures and backgrounds. She believes all women have innate strengths and capabilities which can help bring about positive change. Trained in Person Centred and Narrative counselling, she works holistically with a particular interest in health issues & family relationships. 

Student, Diploma of Counselling NZIPC (Former Quantum Education). Bachelor of Social Work, University of Canterbury
Gabrielle has a passion for working alongside women as they engage in the process of change. Coming from a Person Centred approach, her aim is to provide a space where women can be and feel heard, develop a greater sense of self awareness and explore meaningful and positive changes in response to life's challenges.

Bachelor of Counselling (Vision College), Provisional Member NZCCA
Toni is a Person-Centred therapist and has been counselling at the Women's Centre over the past 4 years.  She is passionate about journeying with women and she enjoys approaching client issues from a holistic mind-body-spirit perspective.   Toni also works in private practice and is a provisional member of the New Zealand Christian Counsellors Association.

Student, Diploma of Professional Counselling NZIPC(Former Quantum Education)
Fan-Ping is passionate and committed to working alongside women in their journey of self-discovery and empowerment. She believes that being fully heard in a safe and nurturing space, whilst being accompanied in exploring oneself with curiosity and compassion, can lead towards greater clarity, liberation and strength.

Student, Bachelor of Counselling (Vision), Student Associate NZCCA
Pam is currently training in the Person-Centred Counselling approach and is passionate about journeying alongside women of all ages. By supporting the process of self-discovery and awareness, she believes women can become empowered to review the way they see and live in their world, and become resourced to make relevant life changes in a holistic way.

BA, Fine Arts (University of New England), MGestTherapy (Gestalt Therapy Brisbane), Member of GANZ
Michelle is interested in working with a range of people from diverse backgrounds. She believes that within every woman lies the essential wisdom for growth and change. As a Gestalt therapist she believes it is through shared experience and insight, and by deepening self awareness, that each of us can be who we truly are and live our lives more fully.

Student, Diploma of Professional Counselling, NZIPC (Former Quantum Education)
Mata is enthusiastic about working alongside women of all cultures and diverse backgrounds. Her aim is to create a non-judgemental, warm and empathetic space where women can become more self-aware, be able to create changes and develop personal growth.

Student, Diploma of Professional Counselling, NZIPC (Former Quantum Education) 
Liz has a particular interest in people being able to live well and to experience personal growth and health.  She works primarily from a Person Centred approach with the goal of working with women to achieve the goals that they strive for, relative to their own best interests and well-being. She is interested in creating a space for women to be listened to, to enable them to discover what works for them.