A big thank you goes out to all those that support the work of the Women's Centre.
Without the support of our funders, donors and members we could not provide all our different services, as we rely on annual grants, donations and paid memberships to keep the Centre running.  None of our funding is guaranteed as ongoing, and very few of our clients are able to contribute financially. 


We would therefore like to acknowledge the following individuals and organisations for their generous support of the Women's Centre in the past year: (in alphabetical order)

All our members
A. Kagen
Carol Morgan (Barrister)
CERT Your Local Gaming Trust Ltd
Christchurch Casino Charitable Trust
Christchurch City Council
Christian Healing Trust
Colleen Moore (Lawyer at Malley & Co Lawyers)
Community Organisation Grant Scheme (COGS)
Community Post
D. Minifie
Four Winds Foundation
Hagley Community College (ACE Funding)
John Ilott Charitable Trust
Jones Foundation
Kathryn Vesty (Barrister & Sollicitor)
Keith Laugesen Charitable Trust
Kirsty May (Barrister)
Linda Drummond (Barrister)
L. Liang
Mainland Foundation
Maurice Carter Charitable Trust
McCarthy Design
Michiko Takaoka (Solicitor at Currie Lawyers Ltd)
NZ Lottery Grants Board
Pub Charity
R. Stott
Rata Foundation
The David Ellison Charitable Trust
The Lion Foundation
The Press
The Southern Trust
The Tindall Foundation
The Trusts Community Foundation
Timothy Blair Charitable Trust

Please accept our sincere apologies if you have supported us in recent times (financially or otherwise) and are not mentioned above. Please let us know if this is the case and you would like to be mentioned here.