About Us

What is
The Centre was initially established as a community link for Women’s Refuge, where women leaving Refuge could obtain ongoing support and resources. Since the mid-nineties, with Refuges starting their own community support, the Centre’s client base has opened up, with a wide range of women now accessing our services.  For many women the Centre is a place to gather information, work through difficult issues, be supported, learn, and or rest before going out into the wider world again.

We have extensive networking contacts, and if we cannot assist you with any of our specialised services we can provide information/links to appropriate agencies and organisations that can give further assistance.

The Centre is registered as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005 under registration number CC10043.

Our Team
The Centre is run by women for women. It is staffed by the Manager, Centre Co-ordinator and Counsellor Coordinator. Volunteering for the Centre are:
- Up to 5 trained Support Workers
- Up to 12 counsellors - both fully qualified and students on placement ( Gestalt Institute, UC, Vision College and Laidlaw College)
- 6 lawyers give their time and skills to the free legal advice service the Centre offers (one of them    offers services in Japanese)
- 2 people catering to our IT needs and a graphic designer who assists with our print and branding needs
- Up to 10 Board members who govern the Centre and meet at least once a month

Our Mission Statement
The Women's Centre works with and for the well-being of all women, by assisting, encouraging and supporting them to make informed choices in their lives. The Women's Centre is committed to a future based on Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Our Vision
A world in which all women have equal rights and opportunities.

Our Objectives
To provide a safe, welcoming, women's-only environment. 
To offer confidential, non-judgemental support, referral and access to resources.
To affirm women and support them in making choices in their lives.
To maintain and encourage feminist ideals for the Centre.
To work towards social change for the benefit of all women.
To educate and inform the community about issues affecting women.
To promote personal growth, self-determination and autonomy for all women.